The Best Rewards are Travel Rewards

This is purely my opinion but it is based on some solid data. First, I love to travel and most people think of travel as part of an ideal get away vacation. When you travel you are likely going someplace interesting and different from your everyday existence. The operative words are “get away”. When you reward a customer or an employee with a travel gift the reward is Time and Escape. The value of these gifts far outweighs the dollar cost of the trip itself.

Travel Rewards create top of mind for your business

Everyone is grateful when they receive a gift or award.  Once the gift is put away in a drawer or closet it can be easily forgotten. When you give the gift of travel you will be top of mind during that entire happy experience and remembered every time a picture from the trip is seen. Travel rewards are the gifts that keep giving back to you in goodwill.

Are Travel Rewards expensive?

Expensive is a relative term. There is a big difference in the value of a $1 million customer and a $1,000 customer so the amount you spend on the reward should be commensurate with the value of your customer. If you think a travel reward price tag is too expensive ask your incentive marketing partner to find a more appropriate solution. You should be able to choose from a variety of options including:
•    Drive Away Vacations that allow folks to get far enough away that they can relax and not worry about job or family duties.
•    Fly Away Vacations that can turn a long weekend into a full blown vacation escape.
•    Sail Away Vacations that allow for the ultimate no worries treat.
•    Sports Getaways allow sports fans to get away and see their team on the road

All of these can be adjusted to fit a variety of budgets so don’t be afraid to ask your Incentive Marketing Specialist to provide you with a full range of reward options.