This Week’s Launching Point:

Yesterday in Chicago, it was 70 degrees during the day. By evening, it was 50, and overnight, it hit 28. This is Chicago for you, but also, this is marketing for you, where change is the only constant, and significant effort is required merely to maintain success.

You can be on top of the world, with a wonderful product and a critical mass of evangelist customers, but staying there for any period of time requires that you continue to consistently execute the activities and behaviors that brought you success in the first place. Otherwise, the competition will pass you by before you realize what hit you. See TiVo. Palm. And Research in Motion.

Here are the three most important “success maintenance” activities: You must keep talking qualitatively to your customers and the customers of competition. Based on these insights, you must continue developing compelling products, services, and value; along with simple, emotional messaging. And — most critically — you must relentlessly communicate with your market, without pause. Like water filling the shape of its container, your competition will be happy to fill the space your communication used to occupy, even if it was only yesterday that it was there.